Voter Selection Modeling

A Congressional district has more than 400,000 registered voters. A State House district or county commission district has more than 100,000. Even a mid-size municipal election may have 50,000 potential voters.

Assuming you don’t have the resources to reach out and make your case to every one of these voters, how should you select the “right” voters to contact?

That’s where our voter selection modeling tools come in.

Using current and historical voter data for the districts of interest, our tools can rank potential voters by their probable affinity for your candidacy or issue position. Using these rankings, we can tell you which voters to contact, how to do it, when and how often. We can model your electorate based on past voting records, party affiliation, demographic data and other means.

Intelligent Data Mining means Results! With our tools, we can design a campaign for you that combines phone banking, robocalls, door to door canvassing and other techniques. Knowing who you have to reach (and convince) and how to do it efficiently will help you gauge the likelihood of winning the election or ballot issue with the money and volunteers you have to deploy.

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