South Florida Grassroots Research, LLC brings technology to grassroots organizing in novel ways.

By the later part of the last decade, questionable government actions at all levels combined with the most serious economic disruptions in recent history served as a catalyst to “wake up” a new class of political activists. Overbearing and intrusive government, outrageous waste and corruption, public debt that is too large to easily contemplate, and a political class far removed from the aspirations and cares of the average citizen – all of these things combined to energize first the Obama coalition on the left, and the Tea Party on the right.

The normal tools of political movements are still relevant – media advertising, rallys and marches, petition drives, phonebanking, precinct walks, etc. But the game-changing characteristic of this time in history is social media and the inexpensive technology that can give a neighborhood group the reach of a major political party.

South Florida Grassroots Research began by building websites and social media presence for local grassroots groups that were coming together during the first “tea party wave” in 2009. During 2010, we began to provide online tools for candidates, and brought our database expertise to bear on the problem of “voter selection” at the precinct level.

Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, we currently we provide online solutions for candidates and causes throughout the state.

Our staff combines experience in political campaigns on the local and state level with a deep background in design and implementation of information systems with IBM, including database and data mining projects, large scale website development, and enterprise wide IT solutions.

Browse this website for examples of our current work and descriptions of the solutions we can build for you. Then contact us at: info@sfgresearch.com.